Accent Reduction Lessons

Start changing your English pronunciation by taking lessons with AccentSchool’s professional linguists. All of our accent reduction lessons are conducted live over an internet web conferencing service called Skype (or phone if your prefer).

We're certain that you'll be happy with our English pronunciation lessons! We offer a money back guarantee.

Call us to schedule a free consulation at (866) 338-7713 or fill out the form below.

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Accent Reduction Lessons improve your English Pronunciation with a linguist. How lessons work: 1. Sign-up for a free accent reducton evaluation - see what we can do for you FREE! We can meet you on Skype or phone you. 2. Pay for your lessons securely through PayPal. We offer a satisfaction or your money back guarantee. 3. Schedule your accent reduction trainging with your instructor.  We offer flexible scheduling and we have weekend and evening times available. 4. Your instructor will email you your material.  No need to buy a separate book. 5. Enjoy your accent reduction lessons over Skype or the phone. 6. Practice inbetween lessons - email your instructor recordings. Get feedback via recordings or phone calls.

Pricing and What Each Accent Reduction Lesson Includes

Lessons with include:

  • Satisfaction or your money back guarantee
  • Practice inbetween lessons: Send your instructor practice recordings, get feedback.
  • Recordings of your lessons: At your request/with your permission, your instructor will make an audio recording of your lesson and send it to you to use during the week. Practice what you learned by listening in your car, or on your ipod.
  • Customized recordings: If you are struggling with a paticular sound or exercise, your instructor will make you a customized recording of it at your request.
  • Complete manuals and handouts: Complete explanations, pictures, and practice exercises.

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Pricing for Accent Modification Training:

one hour consultation - $89.99 USD

package of five, 60 minute sessions- $255.00 USD

Services for Businesses We offer the services your business needs! We offer accent reduction and  speech training for: -Executives: presentation skills and more -Physicians: Rebecca specializes in working with medical doctors; she understands their needs and can help physicians communicate more clearly with your patients. -Receptionists, Administrative personnel: You have a valuable secretary who knows your business, but can your customers understand him/her? -Call Centres: customized lessons to help your employees pronounce their script. contact us