About AccentSchool.com

We specialize offering accent reduction training to clients all over the world, both on-site and via skype webconferencing. AccentSchool has worked together with LIAM, in a public-private research partnership, to bring you free accent reduction software. AccentSchool continues its work in the areas of speech recognition as it applies to accent reduction training; we hope to release more and better software to the public in the future.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is the fouding linguist, primary instructor, and creator of our FREE pronounciation software. She has B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Cincinnati, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from York University. She has taught ESL and accent reduction both in the corporate and academic spheres. Rebecca is always here to answer your questions about ESL and English pronunciation; e-mail her at rebecca@accentschool.com.

About LIAM

LIAM stands for Laboratory for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. LIAM is a vibrant project at York University in diverse Toronto, Canada; LIAM does research in the areas of data mining, population biology, computational geometry, pattern recognition, neural network for associative memory, and qualitative finance. AccentSchool and LIAM are pround to partner in the ongoing development of our FREE pronounciation software.

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